Quartz Countertops

Introduction to Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are increasingly becoming a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. 

For the past decade, China has had hundreds of slab factories that specialize in producing this engineered stone.

Global Production Overview

Because Countertop Kingdom's clients are importers from all over the world, we think you'll be interested in where to find high-quality artificial quartz slabs or countertops at a reasonable price.

The factories that manufacture quartz slabs around the world are currently divided into three groups:

1. High-End Brands and Their Features

This group is linked by their preference for Italian Breton quartz machines.

Their selling price is normally higher than the price of Chinese-made artificial quartz, and their brand positioning is relatively high-end with a strong brand name.

For example:

These high-end quartz brands offer excellent quality but at a high price. I've heard that achieving book match with them can be challenging.

Moreover, some of these brands source from factories in mainland China for private label production.

This demonstrates that Chinese quartz factories have achieved a quality level sufficient to attract world-renowned quartz brands for outsourcing production.

You can confidently look to China for your quartz supplier needs. Contact me, and I'll be happy to assist you.

2. The Chinese Quartz Market

On the mainland of China, there are hundreds of factories that produce engineered quartz;

Since about 2006, many new quartz factories have opened every year.

So far as I know, a company in Southeast Asia bought a quartz production line from Breton, Italy. At the same time, Breton was asked not to sell the Breton quartz production line to the Chinese in the next few years.

So, there is no Breton quartz production line in mainland China.

Innovations in Chinese Production

But the Chinese are full of wisdom and have a powerful ability to learn and imitate; 

Chinese machinery factories have made a set of quartz production lines that belong to the Chinese themselves;

Although in the beginning, there were many faults and many minor problems; after so many years of improvement and adjustment; now the quartz production line made in China can already meet the production needs of most quartz manufacturers;

Quartz production lines made in China are currently not only sold to factories in mainland China; they are also exported to quartz factories in other countries.

(Because the Chinese production line is cheaper than the Italian production line, it can meet the needs of many foreign factories with a limited budget.)

Key Production Regions in China

The majority of quartz stone factories are located in the three locations listed below:

1. Guangdong Province:

There are still many quartz factories in Guangdong province; contact us, and we can share more with you.

2. Fujian Province:

Shuitou town is the stone capital of China; there are numerous stone manufacturers here; naturally, there are also many artificial stone factories;

They are:

And so on.

3. Shandong Province:

  • Horizon (This factory has more than 100 quartz stone production lines)
  • KangJieLi
  • ShengFuLai

What about the other provinces? There are also some factories in other provinces, but not many.

For example:

  • Anhui Province: Junde quartz;
  • Sichuan Province: Liansu quartz;
  • Henan Province: LE quartz;
  • Hubei Province: Zhonglei Quartz;
  • Hebei Province: JW Quartz;
  • Liaoning Province: Spectrum Quartz
  • and so on.

See, Countertop Kingdom is highly knowledgeable about quartz producers; you may call Countertop Kingdom, and we will provide you with all the information we have.

Silica-Free Engineered Stone

If you are from countries like Australia or New Zealand and are seeking an alternative to conventional quartz countertops – one that doesn't contain quartz or silica – then you've come to the right place. I can offer you a perfect solution with our Silica-Free Engineered Stone.

We have developed a special silica-free engineered stone material, also known as zero-silica stone, specifically for the Australian market.

You can visit our webpage to learn more about our silica-free stone products. Of course, you are also welcome to contact me directly. I am more than happy to provide you with additional information about our silica-free engineered stone solutions.

3. Southeast Asian Alternatives

This group's factories are located in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries; most of them will have Chinese management or technology, and their target clients are American buyers.

You're probably aware of why:

According to US customs policy, anti-dumping and anti-subsidy taxes should be applied to artificial quartz stones manufactured in China.

Most American clients stopped buying quartz from China and instead bought it from other countries.

I will share a few Southeast Asian factories for your reference.

1. Vietnamese manufacturing facilities:

I flew from China to visit the three quartz stone manufacturers listed below:

2. Malaysian manufacturer

These are the factories in southeast Asia that make artificial quartz stones.

Contact us for mutual success

After sharing all this information, our primary goal is to assure you of one thing: We are professionals deeply familiar with the quartz industry. We understand the distribution of quartz factories in China and are well-versed in the global landscape of our industry. We can supply you with high-quality quartz that will undoubtedly help you profit.

We already have many partners in this business, hailing from countries like the UK, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea. We believe that once you try working with us, you will be thoroughly satisfied with our products and pricing. It will be a decision you won't regret.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.