Agglomerate Marble

Agglomerate Marble, also known as Engineered Marble, Composite Marble, Manufactured Marble, Artificial Marble, Faux Marble, or simply man-made marble, is produced by mixing crushed natural marble granules, natural marble powder, unsaturated polyester resin, and other auxiliary materials to create a reconstituted marble.

vacuum press machine for artificial marblevacuum press machine for agglomerate marble

First, the raw materials of agglomerated marble are mixed in a tank. Then, a large vacuum press machine is used to create blocks of agglomerated marble.

After compression, these blocks need to cure at room temperature for 7-15 days.

artificial marble blocksagglomerate marble blocks

After the blocks are fully cured, each block is cut into two bundles of slabs using a diamond marble gang saw.

Therefore, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for each artificial marble is two bundles, which consists of 30-35 slabs if they are 2cm thick, or 20-23 slabs if they are 3cm thick.

diamond marble gang sawdiamond marble gang saw

Loading capacity:

Each 20ft container can hold 7 to 8 bundles of artificial marble, depending on the weight limit.

Delivery time:

Typically, the delivery time for a container order of artificial marble is 20-25 days. During the quiet season, the delivery time may be shorter.

However, to ensure that the blocks are completely cured, we do not shorten the delivery time to 15 days unless there are ready block stocks available in the factory.

  • Agglomerate marble is a popular choice for indoor wall and floor tiling due to its uniform color, making it suitable for both large and small areas such as hotel lobbies, shopping mall walls and floors, bathroom vanity tops, and shower walls.
  • While agglomerate marble is not as hard as natural granite or engineered quartz, it remains a durable option for wall and floor applications. However, it is prone to scratches and is not recommended for kitchen countertops. Artificial marble, which mainly consists of calcium carbonate, can react chemically with acids like citric and acetic acids commonly found in kitchens. Therefore, we do not advise using artificial marble for kitchen countertops.
  • Agglomerate marble has a low water absorption rate of approximately 0.02%, making it ideal for use in bathroom vanity tops or window sills that require easy cleaning.
  • Italian brands such as Santa Margherita and Quarella were pioneers in agglomerate marble development. However, Chinese factories now produce agglomerate marble of comparable quality at a lower cost, making it popular among importers worldwide.
  • Consumers often prefer agglomerate marble over natural marble for several reasons, including its lower price, ease of production, and consistent quality. Natural marble has a limited supply and its extraction can be harmful to the environment, making agglomerate marble a more sustainable choice.

Where to buy agglomerate marble?

The leading manufacturers of agglomerate marble are in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi provinces and so forth.

Let me share with you some factories:

In Fujian province, loading port: Xiamen port, Fujian province;

  1. Aoli
  2. XinFeiDa
  3. PengXiang
  4. New SunShine
  5. GuangTaiXiang
  6. LivenStone

In Guangdong province, loading port: Shenzhen port, Guangdong province;

  1. WanFeng
  2. RongGuan
  3. BaoYun
  4. ZhiSheng

In Guangxi province, loading port: Wuzhou port, Guangxi province;

  1. LiSheng
  2. HeYuan

All the factories mentioned above have been producing agglomerate marble products for many years.

If you wish to directly contact the factories for purchasing artificial marble, you can click the link to reach out to them.

Alternatively, if you prefer our assistance, we are always ready to help. We can provide quality inspection services, arrange container booking, and coordinate trucking to the factory for loading. Moreover, we offer a wide range of other artificial and natural stone products. By choosing us, you can source various types of stone and benefit from our extensive experience in the stone industry.

Popular designs of agglomerate marble

Only a few hues are popular; allow me to list them:

Item No.: SDPX0004 Pure White

Finishes: Polished

Product type: Agglomerate Marble

Slab Thickness: 20mm & 30mm

Slab size: 3200x1600mm (126" x 63")

Item No.: SDPX2100

Finishes: Polished

Product type: Agglomerate Marble

Slab Thickness: 20mm & 30mm

Slab size: 2400x1600mm (95" x 63")

Item No.: SDPX0005 Royal Botticino

Finishes: Polished

Product type: Agglomerate Marble

Slab Thickness: 20mm & 30mm

Slab size: 3200x1600mm (126" x 63")

Item No.: SDPX1000 Dark Emperador

Finishes: Polished

Product type: Agglomerate Marble

Slab Thickness: 20mm & 30mm

Slab size: 2400x1600mm (95" x 63")

Agglomerate marble is made by compressing marble blocks. If you need to create various shapes, you can purchase the blocks and have them carved in your own country. These blocks are as easy to process as natural marble, allowing for the creation of various sculptures. However, due to the resin content, sculptures made from agglomerate marble blocks should only be used indoors. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause them to fade.

In addition to being used for interior wall decorations, bathroom countertops, and indoor flooring, agglomerate marble can also be used for stair treads. In short, for indoor decoration, it is a perfect substitute for natural marble.

If you plan to purchase agglomerate marble from China in the near future, you can contact Countertop Kingdom for samples, prices, and other information.