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Silica Free Surfaces for Sustainable Construction

The Australian government is planning to ban the sale of engineered quartz in the Australian market due to the risk of silicosis.


They believe that engineered quartz contains high levels of silica, which creates a lot of dust when stone masons work with it. This dust contains a high amount of silica, which can pose a significant health threat to workers' lungs over time.

We also call on stonemasons around the world to take precautions when working with engineered quartz or other stone materials. Please wear dust masks to prevent dust from entering your respiratory system.

The Australian government has determined that engineered quartz contains high levels of silica (over 80%). Therefore, they plan to ban the sale of engineered quartz and will require any engineered stone to have silica levels below 30%.

The market is currently seeking low silica quartz surfaces or other alternatives that can meet its demand. As a result, there is a growing interest in finding new materials that can provide the same level of quality as quartz surfaces.


We've got a solution to the problem, and it goes by the name of Ultracera.

CountertopKingdom can hook you up with this new generation engineered stone that has a silica content below 30%. Yes, you heard that right - below 30%! And here's the kicker - it meets all of the Australian government's policy requirements!

But that's not all. Ultracera contains almost 0% silica dioxide, making it practically silica-free. Pretty impressive, right?

So, what exactly is Ultracera? It's our latest and greatest product designed to replace high silica quartz surfaces. We've used a new material called porcelain alloys to ensure that Ultracera's hardness and shine are on par with that of engineered quartz.

And when it comes to quality, our Ultracera product has been sold in the US market for many years now. We started promoting it when the US began anti-dumping investigations into Chinese engineered quartz. And let me tell you, our American clients absolutely love it! The quality has been recognized and highly praised by them.

Are there any testing reports for Ultracera?

Yes, there are.

Contact us to request the test report and all related information.

Low Silica Quartz Surfaces Ultracera Sustainable Warranty

ultracera sustainable warrantyUltracera Sustainable Warranty

Does Ultracera have NSF and GreenGuard certifications?

Yes, it does.

ultracera nsfultracera nsf

UltraCera collection

Ultracera is a premium engineered stone brand that offers a wide range of designs and colors for customers to choose from. While some designs are showcased on the website, the company has many more designs that are not yet published online. You are welcome to contact us to request more details.

Can Ultracera be customized to match a specific color?
The answer is yes, but there is a minimum order requirement. Customers must provide samples and high-definition images of the desired color, and the company's technical team will evaluate whether they can match it. If a match is possible, the company will inform the customer of the minimum order quantity required.

What slab sizes are available?
Ultracera offers a range of large slab sizes to cater to various customer needs. The most popular sizes are 3200*1600mm and 3000*1400mm, but the company can also customize slab sizes according to the customer's order requirements. Special-sized slabs may require a minimum order quantity.

Can Ultracera offer cut-to-size fabrication based on drawings?

Absolutely. Ultracera has done many high-end hotel projects in the USA market.

One important aspect of engineered stone is its water absorption rate, stain resistance, and antibacterial properties. Ultracera has provided samples to the SGS testing center for evaluation, and detailed reports are available upon request.
Ultracera has a low water absorption rate(0.05%), stain resistance, and antibacterial properties that are on par with, if not better than, those of quartz engineered stone. In summary, Ultracera's physical and chemical properties are outstanding compared to quartz engineered stone.

No disadvantages?

However, there is one potential disadvantage to Ultracera: its production cost is slightly higher than that of quartz engineered stone because of the higher cost of raw materials. As a result, Ultracera's retail price is slightly higher than that of quartz engineered stone. To mitigate this issue, the company has implemented strict cost control measures and lean production management to reduce waste and keep production costs to a minimum. Customers generally find Ultracera's pricing competitive in the market.

Who can become the distributor of Ultracera?

Becoming an Ultracera distributor is not open to everyone. To prevent malicious competition between distributors, the company has implemented a strict market protection system. In each province or state of every country, the company only allows one distributor to operate. If the demand in a market is substantial, the company may work with two distributors, but each distributor must purchase different colors to avoid direct competition.

Please contact CountertopKingdom to discuss more details about becoming the distributor of Ultracera.

In conclusion, Ultracera offers high-quality engineered stone products with excellent physical and chemical properties that are on par with or better than those of quartz engineered stone. While its production cost is slightly higher than that of quartz engineered stone, the company has implemented cost control measures to keep prices reasonable. The company's market protection system ensures fair competition among distributors. Customers interested in Ultracera products can contact the company to learn more.